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Tulip-rose Trinket Speeches Gold and Silver Home Decor Miniature Ramadan Eid Gift New Home First Quality Polyester Size 15*24 cm



Size: 15*24 cm

Weight: 688 gr

Material: Polyester


A meaningful and decorative product for religious trinket lovers!

It will add both peace and elegance to your environment.

The trinket, which you can think of as a gift to your loved ones, will be both a meaningful and decorative gift.

made in turkey.

It is produced from 70% compressed marble powder and 30% polyester mixture.

It is colored using a gilded paint.

The product is painted with Gold Gilding Color Paint on compressed marble powder and 1st Quality Polyester Material, and it is covered with metallized. Does not tarnish and does not rust. The product is decorated with "Crystal Stones" and polished.

Tulip-Rose Trinket Speeches Gold and Silver Home Decor Miniature

112,56$ Prix original
60,78$Prix promotionnel
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